Maritech Ship Management

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Welcome to Maritech Ship Management

Even though technology & trade practices keep changing on a day-to-day basis personal relations & bonds go on forever.

Maritech ship management is one of the leading provider of personalized high quality ship management services be  it in  the  field  of  Chandling, Ship Repairs  or  Crew Manning. The  First  Ship  repaired   by MSMPL  was a  Supply  Vessel – Soha Folk  OF  Fal  Shipping, then  it  was a ship build AST – 29 DUBAI.

It  further  started  ship  repairing  of  Jindal  Vessels and  also  ship  chandling i.e.  supplying  provisions on  Jindal Vessels

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  • Ship Chandling
  • Ship Repair
  • Ship Chartering
  • Maritime Training
  • Crew Manning


  • Deck side education
  • Engine side education
  • Rating side education
  • Crew Deck Side Ranks
  • Crew engine side ranks
  • Officer Deck side ranks
  • Officers Engine side ranks