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  Discover the excitement, adventure, & satisfaction of working on the oceans of the world. Let us assist you with the career path available to you on the water. Whether your goals are in management, engineering, travel, trades or almost anything else, there are "Marine Jobs" waiting for you!

 The opportunity to travel around the world and the lure of high salaries attracts many youngsters to a career in the Merchant Navy. This feature describes the profession, how to get into it and the promotion avenues. Usually, young people are attracted by the glamour of traveling the high seas, but it is good to know what actually the job entails. It also describes what to expect and the avenues after spending some years on the ship.

 A career in the merchant navy is considered a glamorous one, especially by young people who have the travel bug. It offers an opportunity to visit new and exotic places all over the world, and the salaries are also very high. For many young people, a life of travel and adventure holds a unique charm and that is the reason that many of them look for a career in the merchant navy.

Maritime Education in India: 

Maritime education aims to provide safety of seamen and cargo on sea. Different types of education provide by the maritime education centers in India are as follows: 

Deck side education: 

Deck side education gives navigational expertise to aspirants in phases from a cadet to master of the ship. 

Engine side education: 

Engine side gives support to the deck side for smooth running of the engine and technical part of the sea 

Rating side education: 

Ratings are the supporting people to the officer of both sides of the ship i.e. deck side as well as engine side 

Crew Deck Side Ranks: 

Os & Ordinary Seaman | AB or Able Seaman | Bosun 

Crew engine side ranks: 

Motor man | Pumpman | Wiper / Oilers 

Officer Deck side ranks: 

Captain or Master | Chief Officer | Second Officer | Third Officer | Deck Cadets 

Officers Engine side ranks: 

Chief Engineer | Second Engineer | Third Engineer | Forth Engineer | Engine Cadets 

  A person gets a variety of benefits such as free food, accommodation, paid leave, two-way free passage and facilities for families. In other words, the salary can be saved totally while one is on ship. The perquisites include bonus, holiday travel and other annual benefits. Since the job involves going abroad for extended periods, one can take advantage of becoming an NRI and earn tax-free income.