Maritech Ship Management

About the Company

Even though technology & trade practices keep changing on a day-to-day basis personal relations & bonds go on forever.

Maritech ship management is one of the leading provider of personalized high quality ship management services be  it in  the  field  of  Chandling, Ship Repairs  or  Crew Manning.

The  First  Ship  built   by MSMPL  was a  Supply  Vessel – Soha Fal  OF  Fal  Shipping , then  it  was  AST – 29 DUBAI.

It  further  started  ship  repairing  of  Jindal  Vessels and  also  ship  chandling i.e.  supplying  provisions on  Jindal Vessels

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MSMPL has made a place in the market for its ability of handling every sort of problems in the shipping field with its skillful and technically able manpower. We in MSMPL train and develop human resource for International Shipping Industry.

MSMPL has  also  taken  a  step  in the  field  of  Ship  Chandling  &  Ship  Repairs. MSMPL’s growth has been made possible due to their undivided focus to their customers.

MSMPL keeps close contacts with their clients, to understand clearly their requirements and provide optimum solutions whether  its in the  field  of Ship Chandling, Ship  Repairs  or Crew Manning  as  it firmly believes that customer’s satisfaction is the basis of any services rendered.

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We have strong well qualified, experienced and professionally skilled management for handling our Repair  Work on  any  type  of Vessel or  providing  provisions  on  time  on  the  vessel as  well as  supplying crew & taking  care  of management activities.


For last 5 years, MSMPL has been providing services to various ship owners and managers globally, and established as one of the most reliable name in the shipping industry.